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Since 2006 all the artists exhibiting on Wotartist have been selected by a group of graduate professional artists. Run as a charity and free from commercial interests Wotartist has stuck to its core ethos of quality over all other criteria. We hope you enjoy and discover new and exciting artists from all corners of the world! If you like this site and support a free and diverse internet please consider linking to us.

Apart from our focus on finding the best artists, Wotartist is also an educational resource. For membership artists need to write something about their work, their inspirations or technique and working methods and these insights make a great read! Personalised art

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Sam Dunford

Sam's Landscape oil Paintings and Miniature oil Paintings have a simple yet realistic style while keeping a contemporary....


Uncle Dale

I am an older,retired guy have done various crafts for years;currently doing Pollock-style drip paintings;I am in an a....


Dion Salvador Lloyd Editors choice

Working in oils,mark making and texture are essential to my work as is the tone and palette chosen. Having a deep connec....


Constantinos Tolias

I am drawn to abstract noise, negative space, investigating spatial imbalance versus geometric harmony. The relationship....


Wayne Berger

Whether I am working on a wood panel or stretched canvas I start by building my own supports and stretching my own canva....


Lagarde Emilie

My painting refers to palimpsest, to memory. My work is about connection between man and his environment. I'm look for h....


Bart Soutendijk

I’ve been making abbreviated line drawings of just about any subject on just about any surface in just about any medium ....


Brian Potter

My primary interest is to explore what relationships are possible with content free art- which I feel can be a diversion....

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Wotartist is open to all artists but you need to link to us from your website if you have one. If you do not have a website this is not a requirement.

Membership is free!

Membership is free for all artists and is also open to the public, to contact members for art purchase or collaboration. We only reply to those artists that we accept for membership and this may take up to a month. Please be patient!

Why Wotartist?

Wotartist is one of a few sites on the internet that is free from commercial interests and is run as a charity. This allows us to not only develop the site in accordance with our artistic ethos but also and most importantly to select artists based purely on merit.

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