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Since 2006 all the artists exhibiting on Wotartist have been selected by a group of graduate professional artists. Run as a charity and free from commercial interests Wotartist has stuck to its core ethos of quality over all other criteria. We hope you enjoy and discover new and exciting artists from all corners of the world! If you like this site and support a free and diverse internet please consider linking to us.

Apart from our focus on finding the best artists, Wotartist is also an educational resource. For membership artists need to write something about their work, their inspirations or technique and working methods and these insights make a great read!

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Salvatore Rizzuti Editors choice

Salvatore Rizzuti is a full professor of Sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy in Palermo. Salvatore Rizzuti was born in 1....


Sheri Gee

Based near the Surrey/Sussex/Kent borders, I am predominantly a figurative painter, though do enjoy landscape and equest....


Jonny Riot

I am an independent artist working in mixed mediums of paint, stencil and collage.  Inspiration is drawn from graff....



After thirty-five years of professional experience in the field of Jewelleryand passion for contemporary art shaped by m....


Alice Harrison


Lagarde Emilie

My painting refers to palimpsest, to memory. My work is about connection between man and his environment. I'm look for h....


Ise Batek Editors choice

I am currently working in colored pencil on bristol, small works, 9x12in. Earlier, I worked in oils and had a show at Tr....


Stan Ragets

I have a background in computer programming and seek to blend the technical and artistic sides of fractals together. My ....

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